Larimore Services provides Professional Tile Cleaning in Jacksonville, FL

Is your tile flooring dull and dingy? Do you want to restore its appearance and luster so that it looks like new again The janitorial specialists at Larimore Services can help!

Our company specializes in tile cleaning and we have over a decade of experience transforming tile from drab to devine! Whether you have tile throughout you home or just in the kitchen, you can count on our team to thoroughly clean all of your tile and leave it spotless.

Why It’s Necessary

Your floor tiles take a lot of abuse from you and
your busy family. The constant foot traffic 1062416_origand occasional spills can leave a lot of dirt and debris behind.

No matter how often you mop the floors, it’s impossible to get rid of the layer of grime with traditional cleaning methods and tools.

Commercial Services

Do you own or manage a business? From apartment complexes to office buildings, we work with our clients who have properties of all sizes that need commercial tile cleaning. We’ll dispatch our crew and complete your project in as little as one day.

Grout Cleaning and Sealing

Has the grout on your floor tile discolored, leaving your floor looking dirty no matter how often you clean it? We offer grout cleaning that quickly lifts the dirt away with our deep cleaning treatment.

We also provide grout sealing to keep your grout looking like new. We cater to both residential and commercial clients, so whether you need the grout cleaned at your office or home, we can deliver.

How It Works

We use extra-strength cleaning solutions and high-powered tools and equipment. We begin by vacuuming the area to remove any loose debris.

We pre-treat the stained grout using an alkaline acid compound that safely loosens deep-down dirt without harming your flooring. Next, we scrub the area with a brush specially designed to clean grout.

The final process, we go over the treated area with our state-of-the-art floor cleaner that uses high-pressure streams of water to extract any additional residue.

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