Why Should You Have Your Roof Cleaned?


There are many reasons you should have your roof cleaned, here are just a few:

1. Stop damage from algae, lichens and moss. Those are the organisms that cause the discoloration on your roof shingles. Once they are there they are basically using your roof as food.

2. Once this process starts, they can go straight into your roof deck causing even further damage. The wood underneath starts to rot. When this occurs you now have the perfect enviroment for mold to grow. You now have an even bigger problem on your hands, too the point that it could even affect your health.

3. Your Homeowners Association may not be to pleased with you and hire someone to take care of the problem themselves. They may feel your dingy roof is bringing down the curb appeal and values of your neighbors homes around you. It is now out of your hands and the price you will pay is no longer in your control either.

4. Your Insurance Company may not renew you or even cancel you due to the fact that you have not properly maintained your roof. More and more insurance companies are doing routine, surprise inspections because they feel they are paying claims that could have been prevented through proper care on the homeowners part.

5. It’s more cost effective to have your roof cleaned periodically than having your roof replaced prematurely do to poor upkeep. It is less expensive to have your roof cleaned every 1 to 2 years than having your roof replaced. The average price to have your roof cleaned for a standard size home is around $250. The average price to have your roof replaced on a standard size home is $9.500. Which do you prefer?

Plain & simply put, it makes your entire home look better. Having a clean roof can effect the entire appearance of the exterior of your home. You’ll be a happy, proud homeowner and so will the people living around you. They will thank you and so will your wallet.


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